'Characterization In Everyday Use' By James Baldwin

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So far in this class I have learned a few different parts of writing a memorable story. I have also learned there are few stories, and most of which are not that great that do not incorporate these themes and ideas. I have learned about “summarizing Scenes”, which is a useful way to help find or create the plot or plots of the story. I have learned “Characterization,” what makes the character's in the story come to life, and be memorable. There was also learning about the “Conflict” of the story, the event that the story needs to be interesting the one thing that pits at least 2 main characters together trying for opposite outcomes. The “Voice & Point of View” of each character is also important for a memorable story. The biggest impact…show more content…
This is where Characterization comes in. It is the way in which the writer makes each character, everything from mannerisms, to personality, to the dialogue that the character uses. It can even extend to the stereotypes of the characters of the story. In “Sonny's Blues,” by James Baldwin. There are some great examples of characterization in the two brothers. “ No story would be complete without some sort of conflict, it could be small or large. The conflict could be as simple as an argument over a blanket, like in “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker. “quote goes here.” (Walker). It could also be a chivalrous gesture against an evil tyrant, even if it is not sincere like in “A & P” by John Updike. “Quote here.” (Updike). Any point in a story where two or more characters have opposite goals that they are trying to accomplish, and it creates a problem for the characters involved. Every character has a Voice in which they speak, and a Point of View in which they see the events of the story and think about them. There is no way to have a story without keeping each character's voice and opinion unique. If all the character's in a story had the same point of view, and said the same things, it would be boring, and no one would really want to read

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