Characterization Essay

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English 101 In the first couple of chapters it’s a young boy named Ishmael Beah. Ishmael was just twelve when he went through the war. At first he was just a young boy with his older brother Junior and four other friends in a rap group. They studied people like The Sugar Hill Gang and LL Cool J. They also had lyrics and practiced every day. Ishmael and his brother both went to his grandmother’s village of kabati to visit her. After going there Ishmael and his brother Junior went to the next village of Mattn Jong to me up with some old friends but this is where they heard the bad news. They both heard from a friend that their old village had been attacked by the rebels. When Ishmael and junior went back to their grandmothers there wasn’t anything their but children crying for their parents and mothers running around looking for their young. There was also dead people and blood all over. Ishmael and his friend walked everywhere looking for his mother and grandmother but they were nowhere to be found. All they could do was worry. Ishmael, Junior and their friends walked for days without food and a place to sleep. At times Ishmael would start to cry thinking about his family. Ishmael and the others managed to get back into his old village where the rebels had taken over to get food and shelter. When they tried to escape a rebel spotted them and captured them all. When this happened Ishmael was chosen to be turned into a rebel but they changed their mind. After that Ishmael, Junior and their other four friends managed to

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