Characteristics of World-Class Service to Apple

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Characteristics of world-class service to Apple Willingness to listen to customers In a rare example of Apple anticipating a negative customer reaction in advance, the company treated the release of iMovie ’08 ,the previous version of iMovie HD 6 was left untouched. Additionally, the company offered iMovie HD 6 as a free download for anyone who purchased iMovie ’08.Recognizing that its “improved” version of iMovie wouldn’t suit everyone, Apple in this case pre listened to its customers, making iMovie 6 HD freely available up until the release of iMovie ’09—an update that restored many of the HD 6 features that the ’08 edition lacked. Apple’s precognition machine was in full effect; the company listened to its customers before they even had the chance to complain. Continuous process development & Consistency of service responsiveness The Apple Store is always seeking to improve the experience because “feedback” is a critical component of the brand. I’ve talked to Apple Store salespeople (specialists) who say they get feedback every day from their managers even though they have been on the job for months.The feedback is always empowering and positive and it’s always aimed at helping salespeople understand the conversation they just had with a customer and how to improve the conversation next time. The Apple Store also seeks feedback from its customers. It sends a survey after a purchase and asks the ultimate question -- on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Apple products to a friend? Anything less than 8, 9 or 10 is considered room for improvement. Supportive and committed staff Apple has a non-commissioned sales floor so employees don’t feel pressured to make a sale. Stuffs are committed to the organization and the service concept because they are involved in the process of service

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