Characteristics of Id Essay

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Characteristics of the Intellectually Disabled When a child is diagnosed as Intellectually Disabled the diagnosis is usually based on an IQ (Intelligence Quotient Test). The IQ scores 67-85 is borderline Intellectually Challenged; IQ scores 52-68 is mild intellectual functioning; IQ scores 36-51 is Moderate intellectual functioning ; IQ scores 20-35 is severe intellectual functioning and 19 and below is profound intellectual functioning. Research shows that as intelligence decreases skills such as: Speech, language, learning, and communication skills also decrease. Children who are classified as borderline and mildly intellectually disabled are able to learn self help skills and basic social skills they need assistance in some areas of functioning but can learn basic daily living and social interaction skills. Children who are classified as moderately intellectually disabled have poor social interaction skills, their language skills are delayed and activities of daily living are impaired. Activities of daily living are dressing, feeding skills in some cases, and grooming skills. These children’s early developmental milestones are usually normal. What are early developmental milestones? Lifts head when lying on stomach, responds to sounds, startles in response to loud noises, vocalizes, gurgles, coos, recognizes faces, smiles, laughs etc.These students can live in group homes as adults with assistive supports from adults they can also work at unskilled occupations ie; fast food restaurants, car wash, stocking shelves in stores, paper shredders, making copies etc. The child that is classified as severely intellectually disabled have delays with developmental milestones and speech and language is usually delayed as adults they need supervision from other adults with most or their daily living needs. Students that are classified as
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