Group Environment Essay

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1.1 Analyse the characteristics of group environments that foster learning and development Below are listed the characteristics of a group that makes for effective learning and aiding of development within groups: 1. Conflict: The group realizes that conflict between group members is a normal and sometimes necessary component of group discussion. Group members should not try to avoid, smooth over, or suppressing conflict; they can learn from conflicts. Conflicting views should be analysed and considered when coming to a group decision. 2. Individuality (Clear Roles and Assignments): Here, clear abilities about the roles of each group member are defined. Clear assignments are made, accepted, and carried out. Work is fairly distributed…show more content…
Diversity: The diversity of a group is very important as they have a variety of ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences that can be pooled together for a great functioning of the group. This group is made up of members who vary in culture, social skills and background. In addition, behaviour of individual members is important this includes their willingness to participate, accepting responsibilities and following rules and regulations. 1.2 Evaluate strategies to manage group behaviour and dynamics Kurt Lewin, a psychologist noted that people often take on distinctive roles and behaviours when they work in a group. He also stated that "Group dynamics describes the effects of these distinct roles and behaviours on other group members and on the group as a whole’’. He further added that a group with a positive dynamic is easy to spot as team members trust one another, working towards a combined result, and also holding one another responsible for making things happen. Therefore, a positive group dynamic improves and increases productivity and to improve a group’s dynamic, the following approaches should be considered: 1. Know Your Team: As a leader, you need to guide the development of your group. So, start by learning about the phases that a group goes through as it develops. When you understand these, you'll be able to prevent problems that could arise, including issues with poor group
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