Characteristics of an Effective Counselor

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Characteristics of an Effective Counselor Abstract An effective counselor is likely to possess specific characteristics that would enable their ability to facilitate a strong, firm, solid relationship with their clients. The attitude of a counselor is one of the most vital characteristics. The counselor should maintain a positive attitude both in clinic as well as outside of clinic. Refraining from having a bias attitude on issues that a client may be enduring will allow the counselor to be effective. Communication lines should remain open and reliable to the client at all times in order for the counselor to be effective this can be achieved by being mindful of the client’s emotions. An effective counselor should always be mindful of client’s wants, needs, desires and goals is the most vital characteristic for a counselor to uphold. Another challenge yet important characteristic is being able to understand cultural barriers while remaining effective in meeting the client’s needs. If a counselor can maintain a positive attitude, their mindfulness of another’s feelings, be graceful with cultural barriers, and allow for communication lines to be open; the effectiveness of the counselor is achievable in a high regard. Characteristics of an Effective Counselor Research has been done over several decades to determine what makes a counselor effective in their relationships with their clients. Clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a large array of diagnoses. Therefore, it is important to maintain a positive attitude without bias including understanding cultural barriers and being able to work through them gracefully. Being mindful of an individual’s emotions, diagnoses, and goals will always be very vital to the effectiveness of a counselor. Facilitating an open relationship with clients requires the counselor to maintain open communication
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