Characteristics of a Great Friend Essay

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Characteristics of a Great Friend Friendship is the personal connection shared between two people for the welfare of the other. To succeed in a friendship, specific character traits must be present. A good friend possesses these characteristics and uses them to strengthen the relationship and help his friend to better himself. In order to have healthy social relationships, trust is essential. Bonds cannot form unless those involved have confidence in each other. In the movie Juice, Bishop did not believe that his friends would stay quiet in regards to his part in the murder of Rahim. To make sure that his secret stayed confidential, he threatened and eventually tried to kill the main character, Quincy. Throughout the majority of the movie, Quincy made efforts to avoid Bishop out of fear that he would share the same fate as his friend, Rahim. The lack of trust resulted in a tense and threatening rapport which caused a broken friendship and the death of Bishop. Besides the fact that Bishop was guilty of murder, the issues the two faced would not have existed if a sense of trust had been established between the two. People who possess loyalty make investments and or sacrifices for the benefit of others. This is a key factor in friendships because it instills trust and strengthens the social connection. If friends do not see each other as dependable, then there is hesitance to remain communal with one another. When a guy notices a girl and finds her attractive, he expresses his opinion of her to his friends. Once he decides to communicate his interest to her, the rules of the unwritten “guy code” prohibit his friends from communicating with her in the same way. If one of his friends were to slander him or show their interest in her, they are viewed as disrespectful and lacking loyalty. Such betrayal would either end a friendship or drastically change the dynamic of

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