Characteristic of a Business Leadership

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| CHARASTERISTIC OF BUSINESS LEADERSHip STRAYER UNIVERSITY COBB CAMPUS MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS (2) AUGUST 19, 2012 JAMES ANDERSON I. Introduction II. Describe the business leaders who primary business, highlighting how they got started. III. Analyze leadership style how he or she adapted to cultural differences. IV. Evaluate the business leader’s theory of business leadership, and methods for motivating individual and group behavior. V. Discuss how the business leader has made an impact on the world through his or her vision. VI. Conclusion INTRODUCTION This era has become very competitive and in order for organization to be successful they need leaders to establish and manage relationships and lead their subordinate’s accordingly in order to achieve the company’s mission and objectivity. Leadership overall plays a very important role in the success of a company because the leader controls their subordinates behavior. If subordinates have uncertainties that are not directed accordingly it can result in an unhealthy environment, and in turn it will affect the growth of the organization, therefore good leadership is necessary. Leadership is defined as organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. Within thin this paper, I will discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational structures, the leadership role at Ford Motors Company and its effectiveness, along with how goal setting helped ford improves its performances, and assess the communication between leaders and employees at Ford DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS There are different leadership styles; a particular leader that will be discussed is Alan Mulally a CEO of ford motors. Alan faced many challenges and he impacted his business style on a corporate level as well as socially. Alan Mulally is one of the greatest leaders, who managed business

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