Characterisation Essay

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There are many different processes, techniques and skills that an actor can use for characterisation but which ones they do decide to use personally is up to what they feel comfortable with and what works for them. Some of these processes include: script analysis, the given circumstances and rhythm. Also some of the techniques used would include: Observation, Laban’s theory of movement, costume and emotion memory by Statislavski. Script analysis is used to help figure out what ‘tone’ the character is taking and how they are moving around the stage. It can be used for many other things as well, but they way that you would use script analysis is that you would break down each part of the script and ask a question. A question that would help you understand what the characters are actually saying if not verbally and how they are reacting to what is being said. E.g. “’Good-bye, Torvald – good-bye, my children –‘ Why is Nora so desperate not to see Helmer? Is she scared or is she ashamed?” This is an extract taken from Solo by Michael Anderson with an Personally I prefer the use of Emotion Memory and Observation out of the few here. extract within itself from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. This is a good example on how you can question a script and then from that understand how the actor’s character should be portrayed and the underlying tone that he or she should also take on. The Given Circumstances are a vital point in characterisation because if the actor doesn’t know who, what, where and when then there is no basis on who the character is and how he/she should be reacting to what is going on around them. For the monologue that I have chosen to do for task A the given circumstances would include, being in a school library, 2004, during class time, a girl named Eileen and she is trying to talk to her friend. Knowing these things, even thought it isn’t a lot has
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