Character Traits Helped Overcome Difficulties Essay

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Have you ever experienced a time that people despise your life and treat you as a toy to play? In Suzanne Collins’s novel, The Hunger Games, people have been treated unfairly. Among all the unfortunate people, some are forced into a game where they need to fight others until the end of their life. However, the difference in personal traits of the tributes effect them through the game in different ways. Responsible for each other touches the sponsors’ feeling. Intelligence helps them to survive from the Gamemakers’ tricks. Bold love build up their confidence to drive away all the difficulties in the game. Collins uses imagery, setting, and irony to illustrate the important traits of the tributes. From time to time, Katniss’s personal traits lead her to be a tough female which readers love. First of all, Collins uses imagery to show that Katniss strongly protects and is responsible for those she loves. “The boy from District 1 dies before he can pull out the spear. My arrow drives deeply into the center of his neck” (Collins 233). The boy from District 1 killed Rue, Katniss’s ally. “[D]rives deeply” shows how angry Katniss is, she is angry and feels guilty because she is not able to protect Rue, so she dies. “Slowly, one stem at time... with bright colours...” (237). People see all the things she does for Rue, and she gets respect from the people in District 11. The game itself and the government are dark and cruel. However, the things Katniss has done shows the honor she has, and she has not change by the game. Also, mood expresses Katniss’s mental activity. “I want to run away. Disappear into the woods like I did that day they brought the burn victim to my house” (256). This sentence reflects her feelings, she seems unwilling to do this. However, responsibility tells Katniss she can not run away. She fixes Peeta’s wound and protects him until the game

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