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Food Salmonella poison Alexis Smith English DSE 099 Professor Simon November 29, 2010 Food is taken out of the refrigerator such as meat, eggs and lettuce. We warm it up or just eat it without even thinking about washing it off. Little do we know we are liable to get food poisoning such as salmonella. This poison can cause us to be very sick or even die. Salmonella poison is mostly found in products such as meats, eggs and lettuce. About 40,000 reported cases of salmonella infections occur each year in the United States, although the actual number may approach 1.4 million per year.(the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).Salmonella poison is an infection caused by salmonella bacteria. This poison can be transferred between humans and animals. The name salmonella was invented by Daniel Elmer Salmon, an American Veterinary Pathologist. The person who discovered the poison was Theobald Smith. Salmonella bacteria can live several weeks in a dry environment and months in water. Salmonella poison is mostly found in polluted water. Salmonella poison is mostly found in meats and eggs. Salmonella poison is found in cold and warm-blooded animals. The poison enters through the digestive system and must be ingested in large amounts to cause diseases in older humans. Infants and young children are more likely to be infected by a small number of the infection. In infants the contamination could be through inhaling bacteria such as dust. In hours the bacteria will multiply in the intestinal lumen causing an intestinal inflammation with diarrhea which will mostly be bloody. When food is contaminated with salmonella poison, it comes from food processing, unwashed hands or from leaving food out for a long time without a cover. It can occur during processing, storing or shipping. When food is left out for more than 2 hours at room temperature, the bacteria grows
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