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Character Study on Peter Essay

  • Submitted by: anchor619
  • on September 17, 2012
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Character Study
Like A Rock: The Life of Peter

Setting: Main Worship Service
Length of Delivery: 40 minutes for each lesson

Name of Student: Alan D. Blackmon
Student ID: 22442315
Class: NBST 521
Instructor’s Name: Dr. Carl Diemer
Date Submitted: 02/08/2010


Lesson 1: Sinking
Scripture Text: Matthew 14:22-31
Overview: This lesson will focus on faith. It was Peter’s faith-fullness that caused him to step
out of the boat and begin to walk on the water. On the contrary, it was his faithlessness and
doubt-fullness that caused him to sink.
Introduction: A glance at the character of Peter. In this section, I will give a quick biographical
sketch of Peter, his beginnings, and his subsequent call to discipleship with Christ.
Transition: Read Matthew 14:22-31
Body: Examine the dynamics surrounding the miracle of walking on the water. Emphasis will be
on Peter’s faith and Peter’s doubt.
Conclusion: I will challenge the parishioner to examine their substance, what they are made of,
and the potential weights (what weighs them down) in their lives that could cause them to sink.

Lesson 2: A Building block or a Stumbling Block
Scripture Text: Matthew 16:13-19; 21-23
Overview: This lesson will focus on Peter’s words. In the instant passage of scripture, Peter’s
words were seen as both a building block as well as a potential stumbling block.
Introduction: Read Matthew 16:13-19
Transition: Read Matthew 16:21-23
Conclusion: Focus on the words you speak. Are they building blocks, advancing God’s plan or
are they stumbling blocks, potential hindrances to the advancement of God’s plan.

Lesson 3: On the Rocks
Matthew 26:69-75 (Luke 22:31-34)

Introduction: Is your faith in trouble? Oftentimes, our faith is on the rocks. We encounter
situations that can rock our very foundation. Although these challenges present themselves and
often shake us, leaving many things broken. Yet we have the assurance that our foundation will
never fail. Even...

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