Character Study of Jason in Euripedes' 'Medea'

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MEDEA JASON’S CHARACTER + QUALITIES Jason is (i) Arrogant, Self-regarding, Jason never acknowledges his responsibility for the suffering he has created. uses deceptive rationalizations to avoid facing the consequences of his own actions Assured that Medea is appeased, when she’s actually plotting her murders do not elicit any repentance from Jason (ii) Downplays Medea’s achievements/ Patronizing to her “Your cleverness played a part" and "your service did no harm" In my view, you overestimate your favours to me. Says this to Medea, a woman who gave up her family and homeland for the love of him. Chastizes her, saying she should be grateful for having had the chance to live in Greece at all: ‘But by saving me you got in return more than you gave’ "You have a home in Hellas instead of some barbarian land" If you still lived out there at the boundary of the world, no one would talk about you. Again, should be grateful: ‘when you speak against the ruler here, consider yourself very fortunate that exile is your only punishment.’ (iii) Sexist: "You women are all the same" (62). He goes on to say, "What we poor males really need is a way of having babies on our own – no females, please. Then the world would be completely trouble free" (iv) Cruel, spineless Jason abandons Medea on a whim; breaks oath Jason's arguments with Medea introduce his total lack of backbone as a character; he is the consummate whiner, making excuses for himself and patronizing Medea with the absurd claim that their divorce was for her benefit. Jason's offers of help underscore his half-hearted approach to human relationships--he is always offering people the bare minimum, whatever he can manage without sacrificing his
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