The Character Of The Society Essay

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I concede with the author's claim insofar as it is an efficient way to get an understanding of a society through its heroes and heroines in a certain period of time. However, to comprehensively and thorougly understand a society, other measures, include examining the general publilc and social surroudings,should be taken. The heroes and heroines the soceity chooses is reflective to the character and mainstream values the soceity itself possesses.Consider Philips, the legend in the swimming pool, who breaks the record in a row and tops other athelets in history as an individual player who obtains the most golden medals. His spirit of challenging himself and train hard to accomplish his goals inspire everyone and is an vivid reflection of the nation who praises and encourages its citizens to challenge oneself and the history record, an reflection of the mainstream values in American society that through hardwork, along with a big dream, one can achieve almost whatever goals he/she set for himself/herself, that is the accomplishment of "American dream". However, merely examing the chosen elites is insufficient to provide any credible conclusion about the society's characters in a rather long period. Consider Amster-dom, who outstands and is considered as one of the greatest athelets in the world not only because his championship in the France de tour , but also because of his fortitide and inspiring spirit in face of the life-threatening disease. Does Amsterdom best present what American society is ? Certainly not. In a not dissimilar way, athelets or sports teams are tend to be chosen as a society's heroes, especially during crucial worldwide sports competions,say World Cup. Admittedly, they are regarded as the society's most brilliant figures after they achieved great history. Nevertheless, the society also has the ultimate right to get back the honor once the
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