Character Sketch for a Rose for Emily Essay

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CHARACTER SKETCH There are a lot of elements in Miss Emily’s character but I will only go in depths for four of them that strikes me as most significant. The first one will be ‘Living in the past.’ Miss Emily seemed to be living with her dad. Her father later died leaving her alone in a big mansion. Miss Emily, on the other hand, does not seem to accept that her father is dead. An example will be when the ladies came to offer their condolences, Miss Emily told them that her father wasn't dead. This was due to the fact that she gave little or no thought to the future but rather continued to live in the past. Examples of her living in the past are; her relationship with the townspeople, her reaction towards her taxes and her comprehension of the death (still thinks Colonel Sartoris is alive even though he has been dead for over ten years). The second one which is ‘need for control’ links with the third one which is ‘love’ so I will explain both together. Emily was a woman who was controlled by her father and when he died, she felt she had no control over him. Then, he found love in the eyes of Homer a arrow and later found out that Barron has no plan of staying so she killed him and believed that she can control him forever. This is all because her father has been controlling her life and even needed permission from him before she could date. She was still single at the age of thirty all because she couldn't find a good suitor so when Homer came around, him not staying killed her soul making her to kill him. This gave her control over him equivalent to her father. The forth and last one is respect. Miss Emily Grierson was nobody’s bestfriend and neither was she the enemy of any man or woman. Life only dealt her circumstances that anyone actually would falter underneath. Her personality in the story suffered traumatically but no one held that against her. Though

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