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. She is the female lead of the movie. She proclaims her adoration for Westley multiple times throughout. Spends her free time wearing very nice princess dresses and taunting Prince Humperdinck about how much in love she is with Westley. She is seventeen years old and she was once a poor peasant. Buttercup is born to a pair of poor farmers living in the Florin countryside. She is a tomboyish child who never bothers to wash herself. Her hair is blonde and her skin color is the Color of Wintry Cream. In all aspects, she appears to be "perfect" and "the most beautiful woman in the world. Buttercup is spoiled by her parents and allowed to run wild and to hurt Wesley at every opportunity. She calls him stupid and orders him around in a manner that indicates that she is a princess even before she becomes engaged to the prince. What Buttercup is unaware of is that Wesley is in love with her, and in time Buttercup realizes she, too, is in love with Wesley. . Wesley had to leave and was to venture the seas to earn money so he may be able to support Buttercup and himself. That would not be the hardest thing for Buttercup to accept. Buttercup received news that Wesley was attacked by pirates and murdered. As Buttercup's world turned cold and gray, her heart fell into abyss, unaware of the real truth. Buttercup is betrothed to Prince Humperdinck and only agrees to marry him after hearing that Wesley had been killed, although she does not love him, a fact of which Humperdinck is fully aware although he believes in time she will come to love him. Buttercup’s favorite activities are riding her horse and tormenting the family's farm boy. Buttercup asks the farm boy to perform numerous tasks throughout the day ranging from difficult to ridiculous. She has an above average ego, because she's quite stubborn and it serves her well. Buttercup is a common girl who also happens to be

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