Character Letter for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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My suspicions begin to rise when on one night in particular I heard my master, Dr. Jekyll, make a horrible noise in his laboratory. A glass shattered and I heard a screech unlike any I’ve ever heard. I rushed to my masters door and realized for the first time that the door was locked. This was very unlike my master indeed. He never locked the door before this very night so I knew immediately that something terrible must have happened to my master. I beat on the door repetitively and begin to call him “Dr. Jekyll,” I cried, “Dr. Jekyll are you in there sir?” After a good length of time had pasted I began to think I may have to resort to more desperate measures. The door swings open with a great force and Dr. Jekyll is standing before me drenched in sweat, with a puzzled look on his face. I stammer that I was worried, and that I had heard something strange. He looks at me and tells me that he had a friend over for a visit and he had just left. His name was Edward Hyde and that he was to have free rein over the laboratory at anytime he pleases. I find this very odd, very odd indeed that I have never met this person to which he speaks, but I do not second guess my masters commands. After this peculiar incident I began to notice something change in my good sir. He would go for days and never meet me at the front door to let him out. This irregularity began to progress more and more. One evening while at home after observing that the laboratory and my masters quarters were empty I stayed awake waiting for him. I was stirred for a moment by a noise coming form the back door. I rushed to see if my master was using the back entrance and came face to face with who I knew must be Mr. Hyde. Pure evil was this man that stood before me. Evil like none I had ever seen before, it seem almost to seep right out of his pores. I acknowledged him and told him that my master was out and
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