Character Flaws of Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein is an ambitious and determined character with obsessive tendencies, and poor judgement but also a character who sometimes lack clear understanding and it is these character flaws which result in his ultimate demise. He is describes as having the appearance of one who’s ‘spirit had been broken by misery’ and having an “expression of wildness…even madness”. In Frankenstein’s first appearance in the novel, he emerges from a ‘very thick fog’. This fog could be seen as symbolic- Frankenstein’s ‘vision’ is clouded and the fog could be considered a symbol of this. He is exceedingly ambitious and acknowledges that it was the knowledge of life and death that he sought. His pursuit of this knowledge is largely unrelenting to the point of obsession. He transforms from a kind and healthy young man, to one who is selfishly unable to spare the time for those who care for him most and is unhealthy both in mind and body. In his ambition, he was determined to become the first man to go where no man had been before. It was this impatience which led him to be hasty in building the creature. “The minuteness of the parts formed a great hindrance to my speed, I resolved…to make the being of gigantic stature…” Yet when the creature first ‘awakes’ Frankenstein is horrified by the creature he himself has created. “…breathless horror and disgust filled my heart”. Yet it was Frankenstein who chose the creatures features, who decided to make him gigantic in stature but he is disgusted by what he has created and seems to blame the creature for its appearance. This is an example of Frankenstein lacking ‘clear sight’. Frankenstein exhibits signs of mental weakness, perhaps even mental illness, and poor decision making skills. He suffers a lengthy and relatively severe mental breakdown after he gives life to the Creature. He is also unable to handle the appearance of the ‘daemon’
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