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Character Description of Banquo Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Character Description of Banquo

Banquo is also described as a brave and noble general who served with Macbeth during the war. Banquo was present when the three witches told Macbeth about the three prophecies, he wanted the witches to tell him his future as well and he wasn’t so happy with it. The three weird sisters told him that he will be less than Macbeth, but greater, that he will be not as happy as Macbeth yet much happier, and lastly they tell him that he is not going to become King, but his offspring’s will. What the witches tell Banquo eventually comes true as the play comes to an end. Unlike Macbeth, Banquo is a man of integrity, brave in battle but he’s always cautious of his actions. Banquo decided not to take the same path of Macbeth because he was not ambitious. At the beginning of the play they were both the same, guiding King Duncan’s army to battle and fighting together. Banquo and Macbeth meet the witches together, but Banquo is more skeptical about it. After the witches prediction came true about Macbeth being the thane of Cawdor, Banquo knew he should be more cautious about Macbeth. I don’t think it ever crossed Banquos mind that Macbeth was going to kill the King to fulfill the third prophecy. Since Macbeth’s prophecies Banquo wonders a lot if what the three witches told him would become ever be true, he wonders if his descendants will actually be ruling Scotland someday. We see Banquo reacting in a different way compared to Macbeth. I think Shakespeare did this so the audience could see how despite the temptations on him, Banquo reacted and represented a man of honor. Three murderers hired by Macbeth kill Banquo. His son, Fleance, escaped from the murderers and he lived. When the three murderes tell Macbeth that the job is done, he sees Banquos ghost sitting on his chair and everybody thinks he’s going crazy because of his reaction. I admire Banquo as a character because inlike Macbeth, he did not use the...

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