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Running head: CHARACTER AND KUDLER Character and Kudler Mike Smith University of Phoenix Character and Kudler Few rewards are better in life than a good night’s sleep. As one ages and life continues to happen, more responsibilities are added with one’s work and personal life. An area that can certainly influence the chances of that elusive good night’s sleep happening is one’s character and the ethical decisions that one makes. At the end of the day, if one can look back over their actions and decisions and know, with certainty, that he or she made the very best choices, not only personal choices, but also choices for all involved, then one can feel a sense of accomplishment and relief leading to a good…show more content…
Kudler’s has an inventory that consists predominantly of perishable goods that require replacement often. Kudler’s could cut costs and leave items on the shelf a day or two longer, but that would call into question their very reason for existence in being known for fresh foods. Reputation with customers can be lost with one poor decision. One way to counter that is to provide exceptional customer service. Kudler’s means of differentiating itself from the competition is its ability to provide the best products and the best customer service. The fact that Kudler’s prices are obviously at a premium compared to those of a standard market means that they must earn the mark up built into product costs. Kudler’s owner, Kathy Kudler, enjoys her time spent on the sales floor serving customers more than any other aspect of her job. Another means of providing value to the customer is that of education. By explaining the nutritional values of organic foods and offering samples of exotic products, the consumer benefits from learning the value of organics and the newfound willingness to try foods that were previously unknown to them. By building the value and confidence of the shopping experience for the customer base, Kudler’s builds loyalty and commitment from their…show more content…
Shared values between Kathy Kudler and I would have to be a willingness to go the extra mile for a customer whenever given the opportunity. She and I are both in a service industry, industries that have competition of all types. How she and I respectfully respond to our customers allows us to grow and retain loyal customers. It would be easy to cut corners here and there, but that would only damage the reputation that we both strive to maintain, If I had to assign an ethical assessment of Kathy, I would label her as myself, regarding character above obligations, results, or equity. She and I both take pride in what we do and want to do it right the first time. She wants to provide the best possible experience for the customer and trains her staff in the same manner. She is working to expand the offerings of the stores and add to the knowledge base by adding more specialists and services to enhance the shopping experience. If I were to join the Kudler organization, I too, would invest in the employees of the stores first as they are the ones that project the image and concepts of the Kudler organization. If one does not have the employee’s buy-in, it not only lessens the importance, it lessens the character of the store and the shopping experience. At the end of the day, the Kudler organization, knowing that they

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