Character Analysis "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"

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In, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the grandmother is the main character. She is a sweet old woman who is genuine and kind hearted. In spite of her kind hearted personality, she causes more problems than anyone else in the story. The story starts off in a living room where the news on the television mentions a criminal named The Misfit. Driving down to Georgia she mentions a tall tale about a house with a secret door. Her story telling entices the kids who now want to visit this house. Being older, the grandmothers memory is beginning to fail her. She mentions that the road to the house is really close to where they were at and the kids start whining. Bailey does finally go down the road which turns out to run of the edge of a small cliff where they roll twice. The Misfit shows up and will end up killing all of them. All of this is because of the grandmother. The grandmothers personality is one that wants to make everyone happy. Because of this she ends up putting her family in danger and actually gets them killed. This is later displayed when she pleads for The Misfits mercy saying that he is a good man even after the rest of the family was murdered. All she wants to do is keep and make others happy but she is ignorant of what is actually happening. Her diction and the way she speaks is loving yet direct. She loves all things and genuinely cares for their wellbeing but she will always speak her mind. Her words inspire the kids and persuade the father to go the house. Later she repeatedly says that The misfit is a good man i==when in reality s\he is not. Who know, maybe they wouldn’t have all died if she hadn’t pleaded and spoke to the
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