Character Analysis: The Special Prisoner

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English 095 26 November 2011 Hatred and Forgiveness In The Special Prisoner, Jim Lehrer well describes the hatred that will always be in the back of one’s mind. John Quincy Watson, a young fighter pilot in World War II, lived with hatred for a Japanese man that captured him, after he had been shot down in his B-29 airplane just over Tokyo. Watson dwelled on the events that happened to him while he was a prisoner of war. Could he ever forgive Tashimoto, or the man that tortured him while he was a POW? The day Watson was shot down in his B-29 fighter plane he had to make a choice of burning in the crash or escaping the fire mess. He decided to escape the fire so he could stay in the war and fight for his country. After escaping the burning…show more content…
His friend told him to kill the Hyena. When his friend told him to do this is when all the hatred came back and Watson was set out to find him and kill him. Forgetting what his real goal was to do Watson found the Hyena in a hotel. Watson remembering everything the man did to him he wanted that Jap to remember also what was done to him. Tashimoto had no idea what the man was talking about. Watson argued with the man for a while wanting him to admit what he had done to him in that camp while he was a POW. The man would not admit to doing anything to Watson during World War II. This angered Watson more and more until finally he just killed him. Watson was never able to forgive the Hyena for what he had done to him in the camp. With all the emotions that went through Watsons body from the time he saw the Hyena to the time he killed him all the memories replayed over and over in his head. Watson secretly held a grudge all those years that he was out of the camp. Watson made himself believe that he had forgiven the man for what he had done, when really he was never able to. To forgive is to forget what one has done to
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