Character Analysis - the Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

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Character Analysis - The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber Francis- One of the three protagonist of the story, Francis is a handsome man, with an athletic body. As a person he is weak, subservient to his wife, a coward and frustrated man. But he also is a dynamic character, he undergoes a radical change in the course of the story's few pages. When he kills the buffalo, he becomes a man, finds happiness, and throws off the chains of his irritating wife. Though he has been symbolically associated with prey (running like a rabbit) to his wife's predator, once he kills the buffalo, he starts to take some of the power back. Francis is naive. Margaret- is "an extremely handsome and well-kept woman of the beauty and social position". She has a history of infidelity. She promised Francis before their trip not to sleep with other men. However, when Macomber embarrasses Margaret by running away from the lion, she decides to spend the night with Wilson. She is a cruel woman, and possibly a murderer, the scene where she shots the buffalo is ambiguous, and gives us space to question if she was shooting at the buffalo or her husband. Margaret is an opportunist. Robert- Wilson is Hemingway's masculine ideal character. A brave "White Hunter". Robert is the opposite of Francis, he is a man of actions. His physical characteristics are described by Margaret through a direct characterization as: "... about middle height with sandy hair, a stubby moustache, a very red face and extremely cold blue eyes with faint white wrinkles at the corners that grooved merrily when he smiled." he had big, brown hands and he wore a loose tunic and dirty boots. He is
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