Character Analysis: The Once And Future King By T. H. White

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Bad company corrupts good character. The Once and Future King, by T.H. White, tells of an ill made night whose name was Lancelot. Lancelot’s displeasing appearance required that he do something with his life that did not have a prerequisite for a pretty face, or charming looks; he needed something that took the eyes off of him, and on to the actions he preformed. Knighthood fit that bill very well. Knights were much respected. Legend has it that Lance grew up to be King Arthur’s greatest knight. How can that be true? How can an ugly little boy, who constantly doubts his worthiness to receive honor be a great knight? How can an honorable knight impregnate a young lady and at the same time hook up with his best friend’s wife, not to mention that it is also his king’s wife, and continually proclaim that he loves and reveres his king? It is the opinion of some that Lancelot was a flawed character because his good intensions were spoiled by lustful actions. Lancelot’s good intention of being the best knight ever was, in his opinion, ruined by the loss of his virginity. Lancelot had saved King Pelle’s daughter, Elaine from a wretched curse she was under and was then invited to their…show more content…
Lancelot was guilty of treason to his friend, guilty of treason to the high king of England, and guilty of treason to himself. The major downfall of Lancelot was his immediate attraction to the worst person in the whole world to fall in love with: his best friend’s wife. Every free moment when Arthur wasn’t around, Lancelot and Guenever were doing something they shouldn’t have been doing Lancelot proclaims his continual love for Arthur: “He (Lancelot) had not buried his love for Arthur in his passion for Guenever…” (387). How can a honorable knight say that he has a passion for Arthur’s wife, while in the same breath saying that his love for Arthur has not been diluted by Guenever? Lancelot’s love for Guenever made him rethink his life; he needed to get away from

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