Character Analysis "The Mentalist"

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Character Analysis Essay “The mentalist” Patrick Jane is the protagonist in the show “The Mentalist” the performance of Patrick Jane is eccentric and wild. He possesses a very gifted mind and powerful eye for detail he is also a big dynamic person, which he uses for his clever tricks. He is capable of amazing feats of observation and induction and although he says he is not a psychic, come people maintain he must be. Patrick Jane is not afraid of taunting others although after the deaths of his wife and daughter he is more cautions and knows that his actions can have terrible consequences. Although he generally shows a happy face, he feels guilty over the deaths of his wife and daughter as well as a determination to kill red John, the serial killer that murdered them. His motivation in joining the CBI is to find Red John. The pilot of the show is where Patrick Jane is developed; the CBI (California Bureau of investigation) is investigating leads on murder, which this time is a young girl. A very important technique for Patrick Jane is to get a “feel” for the victim’s surroundings and in turn close ones. It is then as he typically does by going into the house and spying details so he gains the trust of these people in order for them to make slip up or subconsciously suspect someone else. Patrick Jane’s wild behavior is manly for two reasons. One of them is to distract attention away from his tricks. The second one is by creating these games and displays he manages to connect in a better way with people. Patrick Jane has six main props, which are tea, car, books, food, couch, and his badge. One of the main props of Patrick Jane is tea, which he uses as a symbol rather than a helper, he is very diverse in knowledge; interests and customs, which might suggest his rude actions involving his thirst for tea, are a cover for his emotions. The Chinese

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