Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby

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July 5th, 1923 My dearest Daisy, Words cannot describe my feelings. You came into my life in a short time of period and you had stolen my soul. I have waited for you so long and finally we are reunited. Until yesterday, the world was without color. You have made me whole again. You could not possibly understand the happiness I feel now that I have met you again. Your green light has led me home. I missed you and I always love you. Yours always, Jay Gatsby July 6th, 1923 Jay, My head is spinning. I had not expected to see you again, especially in my cousin’s house. I did not know what to say when I saw you. I did not know how to express my feelings, how to express such unexpected joy. After you left for war, I could not suffer. I needed stability,…show more content…
There is always been a hope that I would see you in one of them, but to no avail. Though this is not as spontaneous as I had imagined, I am still overjoyed at your presence in one of my parties. I really hope you enjoy tonight. These parties are the great spectacle of West Egg, and the show is all for you Daisy. I cannot wait to see you here. I will see you soon. Yours always, Jay Gatsby July 8th,, 1923 Daisy, I am terribly disappointed the way tonight worked out. I wish I had realized before now that you might not enjoy yourself. Regardless, I feel that my time as the Trimalchio of West Egg has come to the end. I have already lost interest to these reckless parties, and yes, I believe it is for the better now that I end it. However, I will say that I had not expected to see your husband here tonight. No offense to the polo player, but he seemed to add a negative air to this whole affair. As I heard it, Tom even made the effort to dig up about my past. I understand now why you feel so unhappy with him. One day soon my dear, I will take you away with me and we will never look back. Yours always, Jay July 8th, 1923…show more content…
You said that you love me, and you even said that you had never loved Tom. You just lost your nerve when you took it back. You are my entire world Daisy, my hope and my dream. I am begging you, do not kill my dream. Daisy remember all that Tom has done to wrong you. All the times that he ran around with other girls and all the times that he hurt you physically and emotionally. I have never done anything like this. Please Daisy… Do not stay with him. Come with me and we can be together for the rest of our days. Yours always, Jay July 15th, 1923 My love Daisy, I should never have allowed you to drive home, not this night of all night. I was so foolish. I did not know the woman who was crashed, but Nick told me her name. Her name was Wilson. If only if I could have reached the wheel faster, maybe I could have prevented her death. Regardless, tell no one that you were driving; I was the one who drove the car and I will keep this secret til I die. I can protect you from this. I am here outside your house watching you for the rest of the night. I hope you feel relieved soon. I beg you Daisy, please do not choose Tom over me. We can leave together and never come back. Just think of it Daisy, my love. I will be waiting for you. Yours always,

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