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“Character Analysis of the narrator: The Tell Tale Heart” The narrator is the protagonist in the “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. This short story is about a man that wants to prove his sanity even though he has plans to compete murder upon the old man that lives with him. He has a deep passionate fear of this mans “blue eye” which he feels is wicked, and vulture like. He speaks of love for the old man; however the old man’s vulture like blue eye is something that the narrator wants gone. So he rationalizes that the old man must die in order for his emotional stability to return. Through several nights of plotting the premeditated murder of the wicked eye, the narrator sneaks in to the old man’s room in the middle of the night for seven days to try and catch the wicked eye peering at him. As he sneaks in the room on the eighth night he causes the old me to shift in bed and final wakes him up. He stand quite for an hour waiting for one or the other to make a move and final the narrator decides to open the lantern and see if the eye is peering. Before the old man knows what has happened he is dragged to the floor, under the bed and is suffocated to death. Now it is finally over and the evil eye is dead, the narrator is proud and content with his deed and cleans up his mess. He takes pleasure in how well he was able to conceal the matter and discard the corpse under the floorboards. Just as he is thinking back on how calm he has handle the situation he hears a knock at the door. The scream from the old man has brought the police to investigate the situation. He ushers them in and allows them to search the home giving the explanation that he scream because of a bad dream which woke him from his sleep. He goes on to explain that the old man is away in the country. The officer having satisfied the search with the ease of the narrator viable answer to the

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