Character Analysis Of Junior Rennie In John Steinbeck's 'Over The Home'

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ENTRIES FOR UNDER THE DOME 9/10 Quote Lines "He was in that mostly empty-headed state of grace which is sometimes such fertile soil; it's the ground from which our brightest dreams and biggest ideas (both good and spectacularly bad) suddenly burst forth, often full-blown." That is a quote that I have chosen from the book. I found it very interesting for several reasons. One of them being the sense of the vocabulary usage. Another reason is because of the way the quote was written, and I liked how the vocabulary was very descriptive. 9/2 Reactions to Characters Junior Renni is a small town thug and son of the most influential man in Chester's Mill. This makes me think that he is a very sinister man. After he is deputized, he recruits new…show more content…
This just proves that Junior was raised in a bad family therefore showing that most likely his entire family is this was. When Chief Perkins is killed on Dome Day, Big Jim becomes the de facto leader of the Mill, I think this shows that he is well respected and people do not know about his “dark side.” His actions make him responsible for the deaths of many others. 9/24 Relations Between Characters He is owed favors by virtually every person of authority in town, and is rubber stamped by Andy Sanders, the grieving and incompetent first selectman and Pete Randolph, the new town police chief, which again proves my theory of the whole family looked at as being bad. Big Jim directly controls both Andy and Pete through most of the story. Big Jim murders Lester Coggins, Brenda Perkins, and Carter Thibodeau during his time under the…show more content…
She is A cynical, witty woman who owns and edits The Democrat (despite being a Republican), the town's local newspaper. Julia often feels the need to prove a point and expose those she sees around her. I think that Julia is a key character in this story because she exposes the truth about people that may be dangerous or helpful from the crowd trapped underneath the dome. Julia becomes the conduit between Colonel Cox and Dale Barbara via her cell phone. Julia and Dale have a budding romantic relationship, which tells me that she is a good person and in the story it describes their strong relationship which is usually between two people with high standards, not low like the Rennie’s. Both Dale and Julia are gutsy and tough, brave enough to try any chance they might have for survival. Julia comes from a family of news executives; the newspaper is a family concern. She was groomed early for success and was viewed by her peers as a "goody-two-shoes." A confrontation with her classmates in fourth grade caused her to rethink her status and changed the course of her academic career; however, this same confrontation is a key in helping her formulate a plan to end the siege. She is one of the 26 survivors of the Dome. The honor of being one of the 26 survivors is great and it takes great social smartness to do

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