Character Analysis Of Grant In Ernest J. Gaines A Lesson Before Dying

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Has somebody ever came to you with a problem and you couldn’t solve it because you never been in that situation? You can’t fully teach somebody to be something that you have never been and that you know nothing about. In the book A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines the protagonist Grant faces many obstacles with teaching Jefferson to be a man because he wasn’t a man his self. Grant had many characteristics that were unmanly like his arrogance, selfishness, and ignorance. Francis Bacon stated that “Arrogant people are scorned by the wise, admired by the foolish and slaves of their own vaunts.” People in today’s society often sively exaggerate their importance. They try to make themselves feel like they are above the rest. In arrogance, natural confidence goes sadly skewed rather than self assurance born of knowing his or her own strengths and limitations. Where as arrogance admits no limits. Grant though that he was superior to the people around him just like his old teacher Matthew Antoine who thought he was better because of his lighter skin tone. Where as Grant though he was superior because of his educational background. He let his arrogance about being smarter get to his head. He thought he was in a different social class and to important to help other because he felt that they would fail anyway. Arrogance…show more content…
Being selfish is ignoring the highest good and focusing only on your only little needs and desires. Grant thought life should go as Grant thought it should go. He wasn’t concerned about anybody happiness but his own. An example would be when he wanted his already married girlfriend Vivian to drop her whole and run away with him. This was a mere act of selfishness. He didn’t think about how this could’ve given her husband a reason to take her children from her. His selfishness could have hurt the one person that he loved with all his

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