Character Analysis of Giselle Levy

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Character Analysis of Giselle Levy The character of Giselle stood around all other characters in the movie Mona Lisa Smile, since she was bold and truthful to the cause of women’s liberation and all round prosperity. The movie was directed by Mike Newell and was released in 2003(Mona Lisa Smile). It showed the progress of feminine rights in the 1950s America. The main characters in the story were Katherine and her students Betty, Joan, Giselle, and Connie. The movie told of a beautiful and mature woman Katherine who taught “History of Art” at Wellesley College which was a conservative women’s school that wasn’t interested in spreading women’s freedom (Newell). Giselle was important character in the movie. She was young, dynamic, and unafraid to fight for a good purpose. She was different from the traditional women because she had an independent attitude towards life, strong heart, and open-minded thoughts to the 1950s American social phenomenon that was being gradually. In the fifteen years of America after World War Ⅱ, to be a “perfect wives” and “five children’s mother” was a women’s dream (Friedan). Women did the housework and looked after their husband. This was a daily routine. However, at that time, the women’s liberation movement began. According to the Journal Beyond the Feminine Mystique, it listed two popular magazines that show the emergence of women beginning to believe in themselves and participating in the society (Meyerowitz). The movie Mona Lisa Smile described the American social culture prevalent during that period. When facing unexpected things that happened in Giselle’s life, she was strong and bold to move on and appreciate the changes that were being introduced. Giselle was a victim of the1950s America as her parents were divorced after the war. Her parents’ love had faded and she was stranded. However, she was not adversely influenced by

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