Character Analysis Of Elinor's Character In Geraldine Brooks Year Of Wonder

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Elinor’s character ‘cares little for conventional properties and is driven solely by concern for others’. Do you agree ? Conventional is conforming to accepted standards. In the novel ‘Year of Wonder’ written by Geraldine Brooks the patriarchal society of 1666-67 is one of which divides the people according to their financial and social status. For some characters, conventional properties are something they care little for, but instead re driven solely by concern for others. Elinor Mompellion is a prime example of this along with Michael Mompellion and Anna Frith. But not all characters fall into this category, Colonel Bradford is one who lives by conventional properties and cares not for anyone but himself. Elinor Mompellion’s desire to help those in need is so overwhelming that the she cares little for conventional properties. Her concern for others is evident in the novel when she ventures to the empty Gowdie cottage in search for herbs and knowledge that may help extinguish the plague. While searching for the herbs she…show more content…
Anna Frith’s concern for others pushes her to overcome her fears and help those who are less fortunate than herself. Merry Wickford is at risk of losing her family mine and so Anna is determined to retrieve the plate worth of lead. Her fear of mines is evident when she proclaims; ‘…the greatest effort was to keep my panic banked. I tried to manager my terrors.’ But for the sake of Mary she pushes these fears aside. Anna’s concern for others is again shown when she overcomes her fear when helping Mary Daniels give birth to her child. ‘A black panic started to rise in me. I remembered the bloody thatcher.’ Geraldine Brookes described Anna’s fear to show how hard and traumatizing this occasion is, but drawing attention to the idea that Anna is solely driven by concern for others, not caring for social

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