Character Analysis: Medea

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Character Analysis: Medea Medea may be considered one of the world first feminists. Her story is a jealous and vengeful one of a woman betrayed by her husband, Jason. And though she is believed to be truly evil, she is the protagonist of the play. Medea left her father (King Aeetes), her country (Colchis) which is barbarian territory, and manipulated the daughters of Pelias to murder their own father (Jason’s Uncle) all out of her love for Jason. The play begins as he leaves her and marries the daughter of Creon, ruler of Corinth. Medea is courageous, clever, powerful, reckless, and evil. Her actions manifest from pure evil and she seems not to have a conscience or the ability of remorse. Medea is a character of extreme emotion which is apparent from the beginning. Her love had no bounds; plainly, she was willing to destroy anyone/anything that got in her way. She is beyond ordinary and coherent. Medea’s emotions flip from passion and love to rage and hate. “But that marriage has changed. Now they are enemies. Their fine love’s grow sick…” (pg 1). In the beginning Medea’s passion towards Jason is so great she steals from her father, murders her brother, and causes the death of Jason’s Uncle, Pelias. Later her passion turns to rage when he alienates her and she begins planning the murders she will commit in an ultimate way to hurt Jason for leaving her. She speaks to the Corinthian women and asks them to keep her secret if she were to find a way to punish Jason, his bride, and her father, “And so I want to ask something from you. If I find some way to punish Jason for these injustices, along with his bride and father too, say nothing. In other things……, but when she’s hurt in love, her marriage violated, there’s no heart more desperate for blood than hers.” (pg 8). When Jason betrayed her, he becomes the enemy she must conquer at all costs. High in extreme
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