Character Analysis: Inherit The Wind

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ENG. 101.2661 The Evolution Cluster David Styler, Lecturer Final In-Class Essay Choose one of the questions seen below as the basis for a well-written, 600 word essay based upon our reading and discussion of the play Inherit the Wind, as well our creation story handout and the book Evolution for Everyone by David Sloan Wilson. You can also use your anthropology textbook as well as your biology textbook. If you wish, you can also employ any sources you have gathered for your research paper, but please, show them to me before you begin. You will also be responsible for a Works Cited section at the end of the paper. Here are some reminders before you begin: 1. Write a well-developed introduction with lead-in, thesis, and if you wish, an essay guide. 2. Write three body paragraphs, minimum. Remember to write appropriate topic sentences and transitions. 3. Within the paragraphs, please use your own reasoning, as well as references to the texts in the form of quotation, paraphrase or summary.…show more content…
In the play, Henry Drummond and Matthew Brady represent the forces of science and religion. Write an essay in which you first summarize their positions. Then, discuss the sources for the basis of each character’s argument. Show what these sources say that contribute to their viewpoints. Write a thesis that reveals whether, ultimately, these viewpoints are incompatible with each other or must be seen as exclusive from each other. 2. Inherit the Wind was written in 1955, yet it is still highly relevant today, especially in terms of the continuing controversy between teaching creationism/intelligent design and science in the classroom. Write an essay that reveals this contrast. First, summarize the conflict as seen in the play. Then, argue whether evolution should be taught exclusively, or whether both evolution and creationism/ID should be taught. Give at least two reasons for either viewpoint. If you wish, you can also discuss the Scopes trial as the basis for the

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