Character Analysis: Hermia

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Character Analysis: Hermia Hermia is one of the four lovers, and is a main character in the play. Her childhood friend is Helena, a woman deprived of love. She is smaller than Helena, and is rather jealous of her blonde hair. In her family, she is the daughter of Egeus. Being a daughter, she has minimal rights and is not entitled to do whatever defies her father. She is very defiant of her father, which is clearly shown in the first scene of the play. She argues and refuses to marry Demetrius for Lysander, but without prevail. She loves Lysander wholeheartedly, and will rather “grow, so live, so die” instead of marrying Demetrius. In act of love, Hermia refuses to marry the man Demetrius, despite knowing the very harsh consequences of defying her father. Hermia is in a sad dilemma. She either “die the death”, become a nun, or marry Demetrius. In all the cases she will lose out, because she would not be united with her love Lysander. She is placed in such a dilemma by her father. He wants her to marry Demetrius, as he promised her to him. If she accepts, she would not be able to marry Lysander her true love. The consequences of not doing this is either she is “to live a barren sister all [her] life” or die. In my opinion, it is better for her to follow her father’s will. The reason is that it would be better to be able to find love in her life though it may not be true love. Compared to the other options, this is the most ideal one for her. To the modern reader, Hermia is deeply in love with Lysander, even to the point of death. As one of the four lovers, she has relations with all the other three. She shows true love for Lysander, and absolutely none for Demetrius. In the play, the reader would find that it would be impossible for her to show love for Demetrius, as it is all focused on Lysander. It is only when Puck uses his flower that
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