Character Analysis Essay: A Review Of Cacambo

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ENG 2206 November 28, 2010 Critical Essay A Review of Cacambo A character analysis of someone interesting to you (let’s say Ivan or Cunegonde) where you thoroughly examine the character’s motivations, actions and impact on the story. After taking a meticulous look at the different characters mentioned in the Francois-Marie Arouret de Voltaire’s Candide, I choose to complete a character analysis on Cacambo. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze Cacambo. Cacambo was Candide valet and trusted travel companion along the epic journey to find Cunegonde in the story. The epic journey led to a series of misfortunes and events that dramatically disprove the Pangloss’ theory inherited by Candide, “everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds” (p. 518). The book reveals a little about Cacambo ethnicity. The story mentions that Cacambo was “one quarter Spanish, son of a half breed in the Tucuman, a province of Argentina” (p. 540). The book also mentions that Cacambo has had many careers in his lifetime such as a soldier, sailor, lackey, cook, and merchant. He had also been a monk, sacristan, and choirboy. This diversity in careers provided an enhanced and diversified education and experience to Cacambo. It increases his quality and value as a companion, valet, and servant. He had the ability to speak several different languages which proved to be an asset among the traveling. Cacambo was able to view different issues from a multicultural and vast perspective based on his acquaintances with many cultures. He was well rounded and balance. He possesses a logical rationality. These characteristic features provide evidence of his resourcefulness and intelligence. Cacambo saw that Candide was of decency and civility. Cacambo was very fond of Candide because of this (p.540). So therefore Cacambo character motivation to go along with

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