Character Analysis: A Lesson Before Dying

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A Lesson Before Dying is about a school teacher named Grant Wiggins who has come back home from college to teach and serve in his home town. During his moments of teaching he is faced with obstacles with prejudice in his school. Being that the white schools receive more supplies than the colored ones. Grant is forced to deal with this, he has been dealing with is throughout his whole life. His only main reason for staying in Bayonne is because of the love of his life Vivian. Grants life then takes a huge turn when his cousin Jefferson is convicted of a shooting that had taken place in a liquor store. He is then pressed with charges, and has to be executed. Before the time of execution Jefferson’s aunt, and godmother want Grant to teach Jefferson how to become and man before he dies, because in his trial he is called a hog by the white jury and judge. This takes a…show more content…
He feels as though he has no purpose being on this earth. He asks Grant if he thinks that he is going to heaven, and Grant replies with “I don’t know” . Jefferson and Grant begin to confess things to each other. Jefferson admits his worries, and Grant tells him how he feels. Grant tells Jefferson that he is more of a man that he could ever be, and that we all need him. In Jefferson diary he admits his thoughts. He talks about how it is difficult for him to sleep at night, because all he dreams about is going through the door of his execution. He confesses why he acted the way he did in the beginning to Grant, and Miss Emma, he says it was because no one ever told him that they loved him so he wasn’t sure how to do the same. He confesses that he cries a night because he is scared, and because Grant has been so good to him. He says “Mr Wiginan nobody aint never been that good to me an make me think im somebody”. Jefferson admits that he is shaking but he knows that he has to stay

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