Character Analysis: a Good Man Is Hard to Find

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Armathia Chapel S. Farrell 1302 English February 13, 2013 Character Analysis: A Good Man is Hard to Find The grandmother in the short story was a woman of many emotional flaws. Her actions led to the death of her. Although completely innocent, her actions led to getting herself and her family killed. [more of a beginning] In the beginning, she wanted nothing more than to go to East Tennessee. Her son, Bailey, his wife, and two children, were traveling to Florida. The grandmother heard of a man on the loose “The Misfit” and used him as a reason to travel to Tennessee. Her manipulation failed, but she used it throughout the story multiple times. When things did not go her way, she pouted and was grumpy the first part of the trip. She finally loosened up when she started telling her grandchildren, June Star and John Wesley, stories about when she was younger. As the drive went on, she mentioned here and there facts about her growing up and her old home. She dearly wanted to go visit her old home that she remembered to be nearby. With no one listening, she planned another manipulation. She knew that if her grandchildren wanted to go to the house, they would bug Bailey enough to drive by her old childhood home one more time. They traveled down the road for a good twenty minutes before she realized that they were in Georgia and she grew up in Tennessee. Her sudden realization shocked her and she jumped a little. When she did, her cat jumped on Bailey, he lost control, and they flipped the car. The mother, thrown out of the car with the little baby, had a gash on her face and a broken shoulder. The grandmother, thrown in the front seat with Bailey, was not hurt badly. The children and Bailey were also unharmed. After a while of waiting and trying to get help, someone finally stopped to help. The man looked very familiar to the grandmother, but she could not

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