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The character Chika is easy for me to relate to because she is in a state where two religious groups are attempting to eliminate each other, and it is chaos. “Jagged holes in place of their windows and windshields and she will imagine the burning cars dotting the city like picnic bonfires, silent witnesses to so much. She will find out it had all started at the motor park, when a man drove over a copy of the Holy Koran that had been dropped on the roadside, a man who happened to be Igbo and Christian. The men nearby, men who sat around all day playing draughts, men who happened to be Muslim, pulled him out of his pickup truck, cut his head off with one flash of a machete, and carried it to the market, asking others to join in; the infidel had desecrated the Holy Book.” Then Chika met a woman from a different religion and it took only a second for Chika to find out that woman is Muslim, because of the woman’s scarf which was wrapped around her neck, covering her ears and hair. It relates to my country because in one of the states there were two religious groups fighting. This incident happened in 2002, in Gujarat, where Hindus and Muslims were killing each other. It was very bloody, and many people died. “About 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, are killed. Some 20,000 Muslim homes and businesses and 360 places of worship are destroyed, and roughly 150,000 people are displaced.” My personal experience my opinion toward other characters, and what characters seem to want in the story. Chika doesn’t know anything about the riots, and she is stuck in a market with a woman where riots are going on. Chika is well-educated, and she goes to the University of Lagos. Chika is from the Igbo Christian tribe, and the woman is from a Hausa Muslim tribe. The woman belongs to a middle-class family; on the other hand, Chika belongs to a family with a higher standard of living. Chika

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