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Name Institution Subject Character analysis essay The short story, ‘call my name’ is among the best amazing folktales in the folk tale genre. The writer, Aimee Bender, expresses a pool of character traits that leave many stunned by her deep profound knowledge. Her artistic nature also amazes many on her way of selecting realistic topics in the society. In her work, she presents herself as a writer who is very descriptive, humorous, keen and influential in the society. She is very social and daring. Her actions depict her as a sentimental lady who in her live craves for love and affection. In her work, Aimee portrays herself as very descriptive in the story. She is descriptive because she gives a vivid description of a dress she wears in social gatherings and functions. She gives a chronological flow of event after an event. In her artistic work, she is able to create mental picture in the minds of her readers .They see her wearing a maroon floor leg dress which has with a v shape back. Her elegant legs are covered with matching sandals with crisscrossing straps over her ankles. She also goes to a greater extend of enlightening the readers on the reason as to why she lives such an influential life and the source of her wealth. She probably creates a virtual image of a gorgeous lady who loves and adores fancy dresses. Aimee Bender is a daring woman. In her story, she portrays a woman who is naturally a risk taker and has no traits of fear. She exemplifies a woman who breaks the notion that woman are naturally shy and unable to express their heartfelt emotions. This is evident when she declares how she felt when the beanpole man nodded onto her on his way to exit. Soon after wiggling her finger to wish him a goodbye, she admits that she almost wanted to chase after him. She expresses her desire of being at the arms of a man who would

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