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Character Analasis Essay On Hunger Games

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  • on October 19, 2010
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In the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, there are many characters introduced, but one really caught my eye. Katniss Everdeen (Kat) is one extraordinary character. She is brave due to the incredible things she does for her and her family. Katniss is also very smart and resourceful because of the things she remembers her dad taught her. To top her off Katniss is an amazing hunter trained by her father who was killed in a mining explosion. Kat is 16, has a sister named Primrose (Prim), and a mother. Prim has a cat and a goat. Prim is 12 and this is her first year to enter into the Hunger Games. Her mom is a widow and has no job. She is very lonely and depressed since her husband died. Kat must set out every day into the woods with her friend Gale to hunt for food to eat and trade at the black market to feed their families. Gale is a child with a 5 person family so he needs to catch a lot for his family. Gale is also a great hunter like Kat but he is much stronger and very good looking. Kat and Gale have the same hair, straight and black, same olive skin and both had gray eyes. They can be brother and sister.

Katniss is very brave in the book The Hunger Games because she does many things that are very outgoing. To start when her sister Prim got selected to go in the hunger games on the first year she was in the raffle Kat stepped in as a volunteer so her sister wouldn’t have to go in. Kat as I mentioned is a very good hunter and her sister is not so she would have had no chance. Second off, Katniss goes hunting in the woods right outside of District 12 (Seam), to go hunting to get food for her family to eat and   trade in to the black market (Hob) for other supplies and money. If caught the result could be death. She was also brave by trading in the Hob because if the mayor or Peacekeepers were to tell the Capitol, Panem, about the black market the people there could be punished and killed. But the Peacekeepers and mayor don’t say anything because they...

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