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In today’s society developing character in young people should be a main function of major institutions. Families, schools, communities, and churches should all be key sources of character development. Also, another main way of developing champions of character is through the participation in sports. Through competition and dealing with moral issues, athletes are presented with situations that demand the display of character. Coaches have a huge responsibility to build good character in their players by helping them know the right thing to do, and then by helping them do it right. When coaching varsity girls’ high school basketball it is important as a coach to intentionally be pursuing ways to develop character in the girls. One of the main responsibilities of a coach is to be an educator of character. A coach should understand, not only the responsibility to motivate the players to be better on the court but also to be better people in life. First of all, a coach needs to help his or her players know what’s right. Some of the girls may come from situations where they have not been taught good values or don’t have standards to follow. As the coach of these girls, he or she should develop a team handbook which lays out the guidelines and expectations for the team members and the consequences if those guidelines are not followed. Then it is important to follow through with the appropriate consequences. Also, the coach should teach the team moral values and what good character looks like on and off the court. This could be done by focusing on a different character quality each week and making an extra effort to watch for that specific quality to be displayed. As a coach, this will require concentrating and investing time in the lives of the athletes. The second step to developing character in athletes is to motivate the players to do what’s right. A coach

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