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Susi Mealroe December 1, 2012 Chapters 28 & 29 Every business has some sort of administrative role. Each and every one of these roles has an important part to it. One role may have more authority than the other, but each one of the roles is equally important in running a health care business. Anything from professional management to health care managers is discussed. In large healthcare facilities, Assistant administrators help the main administrators with daily tasks and decisions. Assistant administrators are the ones who direct the activities in the clinical areas, such as; nursing, surgery, and health information. Clinical managers are trained to handle activities in certain areas. They have very many responsibilities. Clinical managers are in charge of the policies in their specific areas, and also mage the budget, and work together with the managers of that department to organize activities. Health service managers plan and organize activities for many of the different areas in a healthcare facility. Many of the main health care management take place in a hospital. In a hospital, they have chief executive officer. They provide the overall management of the hospital. They are concerned with the public. They are in charge of all the policy making, regulations, and negotiating. The chief administrators satisfy the demands for financial viability. Marketing and strategic planning is responsible for the budget and finance. This is depending on the size of the facility. If the facility is too small, then that facility doesn’t have any specific group that is in charge of finance. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigates the work zone of a healthcare facility. They ensure that the facility is using the proper safety equipment is taking the right kind of precaution. They inspect the area to see if there are any safety hazards.

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