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The Tiger: Chapter Summary Twelve In Chapter Twelve of The Tiger, Markov and his dogs are the victim of a tiger attack and become its meal after he steals a haunch of boar meat from the tiger’s kill. It is no ordinary tiger that Markov stole the meat from, but a giant male tiger, extremely defensive of his territory and in his prime. Vaillant’s thesis is that predator and prey are irrevocably altered when they encounter each other; in this case where two top predators, human and tiger, have crossed each other, the order of life for both kinds of creatures is fundamentally changed. He supports this by discussing the importance of the kind of tiger it is, the reason for the tiger’s methods in following after Markov’s path, and the ultimate change their encounter caused. Perhaps if it had been a different tiger, such as a younger male or a smaller female, the results for the tiger and the humans of the area would have been different. However, after measuring the pyatka, or heel-print of this tiger, at 13.5 centimeters, it was established that the tiger that killed Markov was probably the biggest tiger not only in the Panchelaza, but also for at least 50 miles around (155). Everything about this tiger--his pyatka, his mane, his huge snout like nose, his battle scars—pointed toward the fact that he was likely to be the king of this area for many years (155). Having come up against such a leader of tigers, Markov inadvertently caused a lasting change in the relationship between humans and tigers in their neighboring territory. The tiger’s sense of scent is the method by which it gathers details about its environment and its inhabitants. The gigantic tiger of the Panchelaza knew from the scent evidence who stole from his kill, and it is the instinct of the tiger to take back what is his by right (158). Even after stalking and

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