Chapter Summary: The Patriot Act

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Patriot Act It is so amazing how sneaky and scary our government operates. Reading this chapter underscores and reinforces my fears of a government that has no regard for its citizen’s privacy, no regard nor any regards for our security to not feel threatening my our own government. Yes I agree a government should do what is necessary to keep its constituents safe and secure, however in doing so they government should construct a way to take in to consideration the peoples alienable rights. A government is just an extension or a representation of the people who it is governing. Hence, any man with too much power will surely be tempted to abuse it. Now what I first find interesting and new in reading the chapter is the idea of obtaining search warrants, but those search warrants are not required to be made public when obtain through FISA. Nor is the name of the judge who sign the FISA order is made public. Now I, having trouble understanding the secrecy of such a document. Without being made public to the public or the person of interest, than obtaining the document defeats the purpose it’s supposed to serve. The book asserts “the…show more content…
Prior to the Patriot Act and what had transpired from 9/11 government agencies were all operated as separate entities. Information’s were not shared freely among government agencies; however, the patriot act changed all that for tremendously. Now post 9/11 “congress hastily removed the wall and downgraded the foreign intelligence from “the purpose” of a FISA warrant to a significant purpose”. Although the patriot act is important in some respects, it has However in some instances robbed the people of every right that has granted to the people in the constitution. The Patriot Act is has been playing a major part in assisting the government in an inevitable path of
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