Chapter Summary: No Limit By Pete Hauntman

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I have just finished reading the novel No Limit by Pete Hauntman. Chapter by chapter the novel is getting very interesting, and more trouble is falling on the main character Dennis’s shoulder. The story starts when, Dennis wins big in his first game he ever played, and he acts like he has been playing poker for a long time. Little did he know that his ego made him lose all the money he had while playing a professional in another match. Dennis took this loss as a win, and began to study the game of poker. He was slowly learning the techniques of winning and some hard card tricks to show his friends. Then came the day where he was going to play his third match, but during this time his relationship with his friend Murky and mom was breaking up…show more content…
If someone close to me did that I would feel really awful, because we love each other so much that if some one treats you worst than cards, you will feel really bad. The other thing I feel he is doing wrong is trying to find short cuts to get richer. He should have understood that his greediness of having more money was resulting in him addicted to…show more content…
In the main character, Dennis’s voice. To my opinion I really enjoyed the novel I have read. Pete Hauntman is way of writing really catches your intention, and keeps me on the edge of me seat. Though I wished he included more ways for the character to overcome his addiction. Hautman's writing style is quite straight-forward, occasionally humorous, and attention-grabbing. Surrounding an array of thoughts and ideas that are bound to echo with its readers, and by re-examining important events in the history of humankind and their ripple effect on our lives makes it even more better, it's a thoughtful, detailed and absolutely unforgettable story. His writing incorporates many different ideas from his other books, and his stories have many chapters with few pages. I have read many novels by different authors, but I haven’t read this good a novel from any author except Pete

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