Chapter Summary: A Walk In The Woods

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Kelsey Horton Mr. evans A walk in the woods Chapter summaries Chapter 1 In chapter one, bill Bryson has just moved to new Hampshire and realizes that the AT is almost in his back yard, when he decides to hike it. The AT stretches from Georgia to Maine. He examines his reasons for doing this trail such as getting in shape and exploring the coastal beauty. He knows this is something much longer than anything that he has taken on before. So he enlist the help of his friend as they shop for camping supplies, bill is shocked at how expensive everything is. But he comes to terms with it because big trail, big hike, big money. Chapter 2 In chapter two, it begins with telling a couple bear stories to a boy getting killed, ways to…show more content…
Abdu. They go on a day hike to the summit of a mountain and it begins to storm, as the tempeture begins to drop Bill is in a panic, he forgot his rain gear. But they stop for lunch in a nearby hiking lodge and when they return to the trail, the rain has stopped and it is now sunny outside. Chapter 18 In this chapter, Bill and his neighbor Mr. Abdu hike the highest peak in New England. They are surrounded by many tourist and other hikers. Chapter 19 Bill meets back up with Katz to continue the AT. Katz suggests taking lighter bags instead of heavy hiking bags but bill convinces him that the hiking bags are needed since they are hiking. They begin their hike and remember how hard hiking big trails is. The men go into a small town and bill notices katzs drinking again and tell him he will not buy him beer. This starts a fight between the two men. Chapter 20 They continue the AT and Katz tells Bryson of all the loneliness that has made him begin to drink again. When Bryson goes to fill up the water bottles at a nearby stream, Katz gets lost again. Bill goes to look for him, but can’t find him. He spends the night without him, worried. The next morning bill finally finds Katz and the two men decide it’s time to go home. Chapter

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