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Chapter Questions Each day we begin a new chapter I will begin the class with a question about an idea in that chapter. It will be a complex/multi-layered question, meaning it is likely there will be sub-questions, and/or I may ask you to apply a course idea to real life. For example, I may ask you, What is the difference between sex and gender? How has gender affected your life? The purpose of these assignments is to make sure you are reading the textbook, as it is an important resource to get the most out of the course. This will serve as a weekly quiz, class participation, and attendance. I will have the question written on the board at the beginning of class. Your answer must be accurate, and you should expand on your answer (at least 5-7 complete sentences); otherwise you will not receive full credit. You will answer the question independently, so I can evaluate the accuracy of your answer. I will give you approximately 10 minutes to answer. I will then collect your answers, and we will discuss them as a class. There will be a total of 11 chapter questions throughout the semester. Each of these assignments is worth 5 points. Chapter questions are assigned on most weeks (see Weekly Schedule). However, specific dates of the chapter discussion question are not listed, as the schedule is subject to change as the semester progresses. You cannot make up these assignments, as they are to be done in class. In case your miss a class, I will only count 10 of the 11 assignments toward your grade. If you happen to do all 11 of these assignments, the 11th will count as 5 points extra

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