Chapter Iii Essay

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Chapter III REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS SPECIFICATIONS This chapter discusses the answers and explanations to the specific questions stated in the Statement of the Problem and the Objectives of the Study. It also presents and explains the results of the data gathered and their analysis. This chapter also elaborates the overall analysis of the proposed system based on the data flow diagrams and the flowchart of the proposed system. Moreover, system design specification is also presented in this chapter. The design specification is based on the Hierarchical Input Process Output (HIPO) chart of the proposed system which graphically represents the general functionalities of the proposed system. Additional topics are also given emphasis on this manuscript section such as the required hardware and software in developing the system and the manpower requirement for the operational proposed system. a. Answer and Explanations to the Statement of the Problem The current loan and savings system employed by CARD Inc. is confronted with a number of functional constraints and limitations that restrain the institution in optimizing its service to the customers. The following are the constraints and limitations evident in the current loan and savings system employed by CARD Inc.: * Loan application is localized within each CARD Inc branch; * Transactions such as disbursements, repayments, deposits, withdrawals and money transfer are time-consuming since customers always have to fall in line queues to wait for their turns; * Information format is limited to hardcopies and customer document backups are costly if photocopying will be considered; * Key performance indicators are not automated which makes it tedious for policy makers to provide an overview of the institution’s performance, efficiency and effectiveness of its business procedures; * Requires more
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