Chapter Analysis: The Great Gatsby

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1. The most crucial part of the plot in the first chapter was when Nick met Tom and Daisy at their home. While at their home, he also met a character named Miss. Baker. During dinner, the characters started introducing information about each other. 2. Nick describes himself at the beginning of the novel as someone who has made it a habit to reserve judgement. He also mentions that in college, he was accused of being a politician for being privy to the secret griefs of wild unknown men. He has frequently feigned sleep and preoccupation. 3. Nick describes Tom Buchanan as having an arrogant look to his eyes as well as being dominant, or having a dominant look. He also describes Tom as being someone in great shape. In addition, Nick states…show more content…
The most crucial part of the plot in the second chapter was when Nick met Tom's mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Another crucial part of the second chapter is when Nick finds out Myrtle's sister is Gatsby's next-door neighbor. In the chapter, the reader finds out the shocking revelation that Gatsby is the cousin or nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm, whom is Gatsby's reason for becoming affluent. 2. Nick met Tom's mistress after arriving in New York via train. Nick and Tom went to the city and upon getting off, Tom had informed Nick that he wanted him to meet his girl and forced him off the train. The two had met Mrs. Wilson on a Sunday afternoon. 3. Nick and Tom met with Mr. Wilson and his wife, Miss Wilson was with him as well. When Myrtle approached Tom, she walked beyond her husband as if he weren't even there. She looked at him feverishly in the eye and without looking at her husband, told him to get some chairs. 4. Mr. Wilson is described in the second chapter as having blond hair, appearing to be spiritless, faintly handsome, and having light blue eyes. His reaction to meeting Tom was condescending, he was seen being doubtful and unconfident when asked about his business. Mr. Wilson was also aggressive and impatient when asking Tom about the car he bought from…show more content…
Nick first sees Gatsby standing alone in chapter one. Nick notices a figure standing with his hands in his pockets, staring at the stars. "He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of the vigil." The scenes were different in chapter one however because Gatsby had not seen Daisy. CHAPTER 8 QUESTIONS 1. The most crucial part of the chapter is when Gatsby is shot by Mr. Wilson. Another crucial part of the chapter was when Gatsby had been depressed about not being with Daisy. During the chapter, Mr. Wilson had been speculating Gatsby killed Myrtle. 2. The night of the accident, Gatsby tells Nick about his first meeting with Daisy. "She was the first nice girl he had ever known." Gatsby goes into details about how extraordinary Daisy was and all about her lavish lifestyle. 3. The night after the accident, George spent the day alone rocking himself in silence. He had a conversation with Michaelis who recommended that he go to church sometime. As he was speaking to Michaelis, he expressed his anger towards the whole situation, and began to plot his

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