Chapter 7 Management in Action Essay

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Chapter 7 Management in Action 1.) I believe that Amanda took a more rational approach to her decision. The word rational means having reason or understanding. I believe that Amanda had a reason for her decision and an understanding of what consequences and end result she could have then she made that decision. Even though she took a high risk, she knew and understood what the conclusion could be. 2.) I think that the last implementation Principle would the one that they expressed in this story, “ The best Diagnostic question: What happens when people fail.” This is a great example of what can happen when people use drastic decision making to make decisions. The failure may be embarrassing to the person or organization, but they learn from those failures and change their decision making for the next time a decision needs to be made. 3.) I believe that both individuals expressed a conceptual behavioral style in their decision making style. These types of people focus on the people and social aspects of a work situation. I believe by creating such a drastic decision that they were focusing on the social aspects and creating a memorable meeting and setting for the executives at the cat litter company. 4.) I believe that the overconfidence bias is the one that encourages people to fail. With this bias people confidence in their decision making is greater than their objective accuracy. If someone feels overly confident then they will try to pitch their product or service and be too confident and scare of their consumers. 5.) I believe that some pros of encouraging people to fail are that it gets them to think outside the box and be creative. It also gets them to have quick witted decision making. I think that some cons are that it may set them up for failure and be overconfident in themselves. I don’t think that it is a good idea to reward

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